NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS!! POPLARRIDGE.ORG This page is no longer maintained. Please visit and register. It's FREE and it's FABULOUS!
NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS!!POPLARRIDGE.ORGThis page is no longer maintained.Please visit and register. It's FREE and it's FABULOUS!

Meet Our Supporters

Meet the most important supporters and leaders of our organization.



vvvv founded Poplar Ridge Community many years ago and is still very much involved. The city of Pasadena has bestowed upon him a key to the city to thank him for his many years of service to the community.


FIRST NAME was looking for something to do after having retired since she was getting bored at home. In Poplar Ridge Community, she has found her new calling and is currently one of the most important members of the organization.


FIRST NAME is a successful businessman from Pasadena, who spends a large part of his wealth on social matters. Many of our projects would not have been possible without his help.

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Great website for Bodkin tides!

A maritime historical study of Bodkin Creek

Pretty cool if you're a history freak. Done in 2010.

This is cool!

An aerial video of Bodkin Creek done with a Drone and Go Pro camera.

When we walk please pick up after me!
If you see something, say something. Click Crime Alert to send us an email and call non-emergency number of the Police Eastern District station (410) 222-6145

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